Jordan 2010 ca risque d'être un carton....

ach of the photos we’ve seen so far depict the Air Jordan 2010 with a circle-enclosed Jumpman on the side panels that reminds us of the black/white AJXIII tongues.  That similarity is even greater now, with those insignias now appearing on the right tongue, not to mention an uncanny resemblance in ankle shape.  Its place on the side panels is taken by a translucent perforated insert ‘window’ that enhances the fit. Just above what is sure to be the signature design element are eye plackets that resemble the fourteenth Jay, with ‘JORDAN’ done in a subtle yet bold tonal print.

Despite similarities to both of MJ’s kicks from his final Chicago season, these joints are a paragon of modern sneaker design technology.  We wouldn’t blame you for comparing the toe to LeBron’s latest or the translucent heel cup to the most colourful Kobe yet.  With Dwyane Wade set to rock these plenty of times over the rest of the season, you can expect plenty of TV time for these joints.  As for right now, you can get an in-depth look at the shoe as well as a rundown of the design process and benefits in a video with Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith after the jump. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the official unveiling of the Air Jordan 2010.




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